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“The impact of five long years of conflict in Syria defies understanding, let alone its description. The human toll and suffering is sickening in this senseless fight where there is nothing much left to gain. Hundreds of thousands are dead. Millions have been displaced. Countless families torn apart. Towns decimated. Basic infrastructure destroyed. For many who are merely surviving, life is miserable. Deliberately deprived of food and medicine, many face the most appalling conditions of desolation, hunger and starvation. We must all be ashamed that this is happening on our watch.”

Under-Secretary-General for Humanitarian Affairs and Emergency Relief Coordinator, Stephen O’Brien Statement to the Security Council on Syria, New York, 28 April 2016



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While the crisis in Syria has left no one untouched, it has impacted upon people in different ways, with some parts of the country and segments of the population more acutely affected than others. Sector severity categorization tool looks to ensure that sector-specific humanitarian assistance is prioritized according to the level and scope of needs faced by people in Syria. These tools are supplemented by the inter-sectoral categorization tool which will be regularly updated to highlight changes on the ground and ensure humanitarian partners are able to identify areas where multi-sectoral needs converge and which therefore require strengthened inter-sector programming.


Legend Severity
Legend HTR Hard-to-reach areas
Legend Besieged Besieged locations




Sector needs overview by gender


Sector needs overview by age


  • Grave violations of International Humanitarian and Human Rights Law continue, including direct targeting of civilians and indiscriminate attacks, resulting in loss of life, injury and deprivation.
  • Persistent and extreme violence, forced displacement and family separation have resulted in a high-risk protection environment for all persons living in Syria, with women and children particularly vulnerable.
  • Negative coping mechanisms have increased in use due to eroding community cohesion and exhausted resources, including economic assets necessary to survive.
Contacts icon @ocha_Syria
Camp Coordination and Camp Management icon Camp Coordination and Camp Management

WoS Coordinator: Jason Hepps

WoS Co-coordinator: Sean McGirk

Turkey Hub Coordinators: Dher Hayo

Sean McGirk
Early Recovery and Livelihood icon Early Recovery and Livelihoods

WoS Coordinator: Manal Fouani

Syria Hub Coordinator: Manal Fouani

Turkey Hub Coordinators: Francesco Baldo
Education icon Education

WoS Coordinator: Dina Craissati

WoS Co-coordinator: Erum Burki

Syria Hub Coordinator: Amson Simbolon

Turkey Hub Coordinators: Maja Denic Munk

Jordan Hub Coordinators: Francesco Calcagno
Emergency Telecommunications Emergency Telecommunications

WoS Coordinator: Dragan Mocevic

Syria Hub Coordinator: Dragan Mocevic

Turkey/Jordan Hub Coordinator: Shahan Ara Qadir
Food Security icon Food Security

WoS Coordinator: Samantha Chattaraj

WoS Co-coordinator: Barbara Bitton

Syria Hub Coordinator: Bernard Mrewa

Jacopo Damelio

Turkey Hub Coordinators: Davide Rossi

Jordan Hub Coordinators: Samantha Chattaraj

Malek Al Radad
Health icon Health

WoS Coordinator: Dr. Mauricio Calderon

WoS Co-coordinator: Dr. Mouna Mayoufi

Syria Hub Coordinator: Azret Kalmykov

Turkey Hub Coordinators: Dr. Camilo Valderrama

Jordan Hub Coordinators: Will Cragin
Logistics icon Logistics

WoS Coordinator: Finne Lucey

Syria Hub Coordinator: Finne Lucey

Turkey Hub Coordinators: Muhamad al-Nasser

Jordan Hub Coordinators: Emad Beitar

Samuel Terefe
Nutrition icon Nutrition

WoS Coordinator: Dr. Saja Abdullah

WoS Co-coordinator: Tatyana El Kour

Syria Hub Coordinator: Muhiadin Abdulahi

Turkey Hub Coordinators: Wigdan Madani

Jordan Hub Coordinators: Dr. Saja Abdullah
Shelter icon Shelter and Non-Food Items

WoS Coordinator: Jason Hepps

WoS Co-coordinator: Greg Andrews

Syria Hub Coordinator: Joel Anderson

Nadia Carlevaro

Turkey Hub Coordinators: Josef Acquati Lozej

Jordan Hub Coordinators: Julie Steiger

Angel Pascual
Protection icon Protection

WoS Coordinator: Jason Hepps


WoS Child Protection Sub-Sector Coordinator: Susan Andrew

WoS GBV Sub-Sector Coordinator: Jennifer Miquel

WoS Mine Action Sub-Sector Coordinator: Brid Sheehan

Syria Hub Coordinator: Pablo Zapata

Syria Hub Child Protection Sub-Sector Coordinator: Kehkashan Beenish Khan

Syria Hub GBV Sub-Sector Coordinator: Rania Alahmer

Turkey Hub Coordinators: Sarah Khan

Victoria Shepard

Turkey Hub Child Protection Sub-Sector Coordinator: Abdikadir Abdi

Turkey Hub GBV Sub-Sector Coordinator: Maria Margherita Maglietti

Turkey Hub Mine Action Sub-Sector Coordinator: Brid Sheehan

Jordan Hub Coordinator: Julie Steiger

Jordan Hub Child Protection Sub-Sector Coordinator: Susan Andrew

Jordan Hub GBV Sub-Sector Coordinator: Karanja Ephraim
WASH icon Water, Sanitation and Hygiene

WoS Coordinator: Roberto Saltori

WoS Co-coordinator: Jakub Pajak

Syria Hub Coordinator: Madhav Pahari

Turkey Hub Coordinators: Zaid Jurji

Omar Sobeh

Jordan Hub Coordinators: Roberto Saltori

Jennifer Snell
WASH icon Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA)

OCHA Regional Office for the Syria Crisis